Izy Makes It Easier to do the Hard Stuff!

Do you ever feel like you're on your own to figure all this stuff out for yourself?

IzyTrack is the only fully integrated and completely customized software tool especially designed to help In-Home Party Plan Consultants track, manage and grow their businesses easily and intuitively.

We're committed to making your life easier and your Party Plan business more successful, whether you are just starting out or you're a seasoned veteran leading a large team of your own. Customized for your Party Plan Company, there is no setup required! You get started within minutes, not hours!


It's easy to find a Plan to match your Business
Just starting out? Only doing a few parties a month?

The Star plan is perfect for you. With the basic features, we help you keep track of all your parties and contacts. No more binders, no more paper sales orders, no more index cards, no more searching for information on any sale or contact. Quickly see all your Customers, Hostess Leads, Recruit Leads, Scheduled, Open and Closed Parties. Your one-page Party Recap will show you everything you need to know about every Party. The Party Tracker and Contacts Tracker will be your new best friends!

Star $19.90 per month
Been doing this a while? Already doing more than a few parties a month? Do you want to do more parties per month? Recruiting to your Team?

You're a Super Star! And you need the power of the Star plan, plus a lot more. Never again worry about where you are with your goals, how much money you're making, inventory control, expense and mileage tracking, knowing your party stats, business reports (including the 1-click tax report), automatic follow-up to recruit and hostess leads, hostess coaching automation, back-order tracking, and more! The Task Tracker and Business Tracker make it easy to succeed by getting more done in a fraction of the time!

Super Star $39.90 per month
Ready to kick it up another notch? Want to really grow your team? Ready far your Party Plan Business to be your sole source of income?

The Hero plan is just what you need. With all the features included in the Star and Super Star plans, we are adding full email marketing, lead generation, mobile apps, and more to give you the tools you need to take your business to the next level, and beyond! (Note - The Hero plan is coming late 2018)

Coming Soon Hero $79.90 per month

What They're Saying

"Like so many working mothers, I have to balance my personal and professional time. IzyTrack has cut my time spent doing the behind-the-scenes paperwork down by almost 60%! Thank you IzyTrack for giving me my family time back!" —Marianne, Thirty-One Gifts
"I love being an in-home party consultant, but sometimes the paperwork AFTER the party puts a damper on my fun and makes it WORK. With IzyTrackon my laptop or iPad, I can quickly complete the orders, book parties and have my followup for my recruit leads in my calendar! Best part, when I get home, the hard part is already done!" —Denise, Pure Romance
"As a new consultant I had NO IDEA how to do the 'business' part of my new Party Plan business. With IzyTrack, all I did was book a party and it basically took care of everything else. All my hostess coaching steps were added to my calendar for me automatically! I am no longer overwhelmed by the hard stuff!" —Connie, Gold Canyon